WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT? you WILL Design, build and paint your very own, individual pallet art THAT YOU CAN FEEL PROUD TO HANG ON YOUR WALL.  FUNNY, SKILLED teachers guide you through every step and make it A GREAT TIME for everyone.  WE PROVIDE ALL THE MATERIALS,PLENTY OF INSPIRATION... And donuts!


Our space is a real studio by day, so it's got a funky and relaxed vibe.  Maybe we're biased, but we think our Tornado Factory teachers are the best  in the Twin Cities.  They're funny, goofy, working artists with fancy-pants MFA degrees and college-level teaching experience...who know how to make painting fun, creative and rewarding for everyone.  They modify and share tips & tricks to make it simpler or more challenging, and they're not afraid to get their hands dirty helping out.  Part of the fun of course is relaxing with a treat and some chatting on the side, so we don't take ourselves too seriously.  Life is just too short to go without fun, creative, let-it-go experiences like this.  No matter if you've never held a brush before, or if you have your own artist studio, you are going to dig it here.